Mr. Christian

Spinal Health Specialist Osteomyologist (UK)
Doctor of Chiropractic (Australia)
BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.

“Helping you is my No.1 priority to become as healthy as you want to be.”

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Professional Profile

Better known as "Dr. Christian", he is not a medical doctor, but is a Spinal Health Specialist and consults for the BodyWell Group, located in the heart of Blean, near Canterbury in Kent.  Mr. Christian has more than 20 years experience in Chiropractic and brings a true international component for wellness and healthcare at the BodyWell Group in Canterbury.  He elected not to study medicine and become a medical doctor because he felt that it does not get to the root cause of problems.  No longer does he consult as a Chiropractor in the UK but draws on his extensive clinical expertise and experience to provide patients and professional sportspeople with a solution, rather than a temporary fix.

The BodyWell Group would like to communicate and confirm that the title “doctor” does not imply or infer that the health professionals working at BodyWell are Medical Doctors. Whilst we engage and have a working relationship with many other health professionals, including medical doctors, Tracy Harley and Mr. Christian Farthing are NOT medical doctors. Mr. Tracy Harley graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from AECC in the UK.  Mr. Christian Farthing graduated with a double degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic and with the prestigious Graduate of the Year and Clinical Sciences Awards from RMIT in Australia. Following further studies now specialises in modern gentle spinal rehabilitation and correction techniques without the use of surgery.  He was removed from the GCC register in 2009.  For more information, please refer to their specific personal profiles for further information.

Mr. Christian was quoted during an interview recently by a media publisher,

“It makes more sense to correct and solve the problem for a patient rather than provide a temporary solution and have them return repeatedly for treatment. People are seeking permanent and long lasting results as they are getting sick and tired of repeated visits to therapists and doctors without any results.” 

Originally from Australia and graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia, Mr. Christian* has lived in the UK for over a 13 years and has help bring positive changes to our health system.

Mr. Christian found himself seeing a chiropractor at the age of just 6 months old because his mother, who had received extensive nursing training, decided to raise him and 4 other siblings drug-free.  As a nurse, she realised the place for medicine was simply for emergency care and not for health care.  Therefore, she committed to the health of her family, enabling all of them receive regular chiropractic throughout life.

Since graduating from university studying Chiropractic at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and receiving the most prestigious Graduate of the Year Award and Clinical Sciences Awards, Mr. Christian has extensive post graduation education in Electro-Diagnostics, Paediatrics, Nutrition, Digital Radiography, Clinical Neurology, Mindfit and Total Body Conditioning. 

One of his passions is community education and he lectures throughout the country on topics ranging from Drug-free health care, ADHD, Wellness, Eliminating Stress, Paediatrics, Corporate Wellness, Arthritis, Digestive Issues and Dysfunction, Pain Management, Osteoporosis, Back Care and Sports Performance.

A few things that people say about Mr. Christian…

“Works too hard”

“Very committed and caring”

“He always seems to enjoy himself”

“Is a perfectionist”

“Has changed my life”

“Needs to take drugs to slow him down”

“Always makes time to help people”

“Amazing Doctor” 

When interviewed and asked some very personal questions, Mr. Christian answered:

I love being a Family Wellness Specialist because:

I know I make a difference with every person who chooses to consult with me.  One person at a time, one family at a time and we will gradually create a wellness consciousness where abundant health is the norm again and not a society riddled with sickness, disease and drug therapy.

People often ask why I work so hard…. The answer is, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.  With a society that has seemingly lost its moral compass and a community that is getting sicker by the second, we need to help people and that is why BodyWell was created.  I love helping people and wanted to provide a safe place for individuals and families to achieve their health potential and enjoy a healthy and vibrant they desire and deserve.

The greatest miracles I’ve seen so far:

After only 6 months of chiropractic care, a father of 3 becoming drug-free after 20 years of daily depression/ psychotrophic medications.  To see the sparkle and colour come back into his eyes brought tears to mine.

When I’m not at BodyWell I am:

Writing health articles to help bring greater awareness about optimal health to the masses…

Ok, you mean, I love sport… any sport and spending time with people who love life.  Most of all, I love spending time with my family who are a constant reminder for what is most important… Lifetime family Wellness.

I enjoy my morning jog, mountain bike riding and reading the bible for it reveals the lessons for today.

My Dream:

This is easy….. A drug-free world with children growing with purposeful life and achieving greatness, families remaining one and communities coming together to help each other with love, honesty, integrity and principle.  It is possible and it starts with you and I.

Personal Profile:

As a Doctor of Chiropractic from Austalia, Mr. Christian Farthing is considered to be a workaholic, simply because people are not used to a doctor so committed to helping his patients.

As an author of a bestseller, father, public speaker and senior health specialist at the busiest chiropractic and spinal health centre in the UK, people often wonder how he has time to sleep.

His secret is that he wakes at 4am!

He is a very principled, honest and self-motivated person.  He is also a family man, who enjoys spending time with children Oscar (age 5), Olivia (age 1) and his spouse as they live in Canterbury.  They truly live an organic, wellness lifestyle and are active in their church community.

When you meet Mr. Christian you will quickly feel is love and compassion toward helping people.  He only sees the good in every situation.  He sees each obstacle as both a challenge and learning experience and believes this is evident in both his educational and work history.

Mr. Christian is very interested in what motivates other people to live, behave in the way that they do and the choices they make.  This has been the main impetus behind his desire to work in the field of Chiropractic Wellness and Performance based health care, to afford the opportunity to help other people to achieve their full potential.

He is a sports person who is very competitive and likes to achieve.  Whilst he may not have much time to play it, Mr. Christian enjoys every sport.  He is a very strong tennis player, not too bad at golf (handicap 11), enjoys windsurfing, horse riding, mountain-bike riding and most of all, enjoying Australia win the cricket and rugby, even though there is not much to write home about that at the moment.

This is your chance to meet a doctor who is committed to working on his own personal health and development and assisting his patients achieve optimal health at the BodyWell Group in Canterbury.

Mr. Christian & the General Chiropractic Council 

When Mr. Christian was a registered chiropractor he decided not to compromise his standards of Chiropractic care in the UK. Further below is a link to the page where you can read in greater detail about the outcome of the GCC hearings. 

Mr. Christian first starting consulting as a Chiropractor in the UK in 2000 and soon after found himself in front of the General Chiropractic Council protecting the interests of public health and international standards for chiropractic.

For a copy of the findings against Mr. Christian, simply click here.

Taking care of so many families prior to his initial suspension, Mr. Christian felt compelled to stay and continue his good work, starting his own family, settling in Canterbury to live and providing the premier service of principled wellness chiropractic and spinal health care he set out to achieve from the very beginning.

Mr. Christian (Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia) currently takes care of more than 12,500 satisfied patients, most of whom are families.

Aside from working at the BodyWell Group, Christian is the leading author of the bestseller, the “World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed” which was published in 2005 provides insight into how to get well and stay well.  It gives you the foundation required to set a road map to truly take control of your own health and wellness.

Mr. Christian is a member of the International Chiropractors’ Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, a supporter of the United Chiropractic Association in the UK, a registered member of the Osteomyologist Association in the UK, registered with the General Council of Osteomyologists and a Fellow of International Chiropractic Biophysics.

Whilst Mr. Christian remains a Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia, he gladly no longer has any link with the General Chiropractic Council and now practices as a Spinal Health Specialist in the UK.