Rise and shine!

Dr Christian Farthing, 19 August 2013

RiseandShineWe all know people who get up with the first rays of the sun.  Some people wake up even earlier, bouncing out of bed before dawn breaks.  In contrast, for many people leaving the confines of their comfortable bed is a daily exercise in frustration.  They know they “should” get up, they know they should “be on time”, but each day they find themselves pushing the snooze button “just once more”.  “Really, this is it,” they declare to their spouses and children.  “I'm getting up. Just five more minutes.”

What is the difference, the distinction, between those who are able and willing to throw off the covers at an early hour and those who struggle mightily to respond to the summons of the buzzing or tootling clock-radio?  The nature and organization of your biorhythms - your body’s set of internal timepieces - provide a large part of the answer.

Natural Resources: A person needs energy in order to successfully get up early.  Cells, tissues, and organs all need to be doing their jobs. They all need to be communicating with each other effectively. Hormones and nutrients need to arrive on time and in the right quantities. Metabolic processes need to be in tune. New supplies of energy need to be manufactured and delivered and waste products need to be removed. All these intricate processes are under the direct control of your nervous system.

Chiropractic care helps your nervous system function at peak efficiency.  By restoring more normal mobility to your spinal column, chiropractic care directly optimizes activities within your nervous system.  As a result, cells, tissues, and organs function more effectively and your body now has the energy it needs to wake up early - healthy, refreshed, and ready to go!

 Your health does matter… for optimal health, stay well adjusted! 

The field of chronobiology - the study of biologic time - investigates various physiologic biorhythms.  In animals these rhythms are associated with sleeping,1 eating, metabolic and hormonal regulation,2,3 cellular regeneration, and mating.  In plants biorhythms are associated with photosynthesis and movements of leaves and stems.  Circadian rhythms describe 24-hour cycles.  Diurnal and nocturnal rhythms are active during the day and night, respectively.

There is good news for those who would appreciate the benefits of getting a head-start on the day’s activities BUT nevertheless consistently get out of bed 30 minutes late, an hour late, or even later.  Circadian rhythms can be changed.  It takes commitment and effort, but it can be done.  Good health is required in order to successfully cause a shift in one’s basic functioning.  Will power is not enough, as anyone who has tried to force themselves to get up earlier on a day-to-day basis can attest.  

A healthy nutritional intake and regular, vigorous exercise and making sure your nervous system is functioning at 100% are keys to making any long-lasting change in our biorhythms.  Add a strong desire to the mix and long-term positive results can ensue.

Just get started tomorrow.  Give yourself two weeks and watch the incredible difference in your energy and concentration levels when you rise and shine, think well, move well, eat well and choose well for that is what your body deserves and craves for!


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