A-Z of Conditions

At BodyWell Group, we believe everyone should lead a life in the best of health.

Inspired by this vision, our search for what makes us well took us into the realms of nutrition, fitness and mental health.

Unfortunately, and far too often, doctors and care providers in our current healthcare system is set-up to merely relieve symptoms, with little understanding of the actual problem, and never exploring the true cause. Ailments become more chronic and a solution is rarely found. The team of health specialists at the BodyWell Group do not claim to treat any condition because signs and symptoms are your body's way of telling you that something is wrong or your body is adapting and changing.  

It serves no-one, including you, to chase the symptom and treat it.  It does however make more sense to the chiropractors and health specialists at BodyWell to address the cause.  With state of the art technology, we provide an accurate analysis using Digital X-raysDigital Nerve Scans, 3D weight-bearing scans and specific Wellness testing to give you a precise and bespoke corrective healthcare programme.

We look forward to identifying the cause of your problem and helping you. If you require further evaluation or testing outside our scope of practice, we will ensure that you are directed to your medical doctor for the appropriate referral. Your health is important and that is why we take great care to help return you to the best of health.

Free Health Checks are available until 30th April 2015. To reserve an appointment, click here.

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