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Join us today and recieve.

Unlike gym and fitness centres who rely on you joining and never going, we enjoy seeing you regularly and helping you achieve the best of health. 

Therefore, we want you to get the most out of your membership so please make sure you do the following:

  • Reserve your seats for your Free Gift MasterClass tickets
  • Book your Free Gift Massage
  • Bring in your £10 Gift Voucher and use it for anything you wish at BodyWell

As a member you also receive access to special rates on all services including Massages, Nutritional Products, MasterClasses, Posture Conditioning and Yoga, Pilates, Chiropractic, Sports Therapies, Personal Fitness Training, Weight Loss Counselling, Body Chemistry and Allergy Testing, Podiatry and all Professional Treatments and Diagnostic Services.

At BodyWell we believe everyone should lead a life in the best of health. We also understand that life can be hectic at times so making time for your health can be difficult, not ideal when we both know that everything in our life depends on our health.

Therefore, we have created a state of the art centre with extended hours and a high service ethos to enable you to enjoy a thriving healthcare environment at times to suit you. You can enjoy a massage from 6.30am weekdays and also on Saturday. As a member you also get access diagnostic precision and affordable expertise all backed up with on-going care and support to enable you to enjoy a full and healthy life.

We look forward to helping you and want to thank you for putting your health first.

The Main Benefits of Your Membership

As a member of a privileged group of people who put their health first, we want you to get the most out of your care at The BodyWell Group.

Below is a list to help you understand the many advantages of BodyWell Membership.

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