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The Official Trailer for a ground breaking documentary on the hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food... Americas health has been BOUGHT.

Bought picks up the story where Doctored left off, a deep dive into the story we only hinted at. Vaccine safety, GMOs and factory foods, and Big Pharma.


Consumer's Guide to Quality Health Care

The 10 Questions You Might Want To Ask Before Making An Appointment Anywhere!

The purpose of this guide is to help you choose the right health professional by arming you with 10 most important questions you should ask any medical doctor, chiropractor, specialist, physiotherapist, osteopath or other health professional BEFORE making an appointment and BEFORE agreeing to treatment. Learn more

Top 10 Health Tips & Advice

BodyWell wants to help you and is proud to provide you with helpful information to Think Well, Move Well, Eat Well and Choose Well.

Our team of Doctors and Chiropractors at BodyWell are committed to provide free up-to-date information for people who are seeking solutions to their problems. Learn more

Root Cause Of Disease

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease"
Hippocrates - Ancient Greek Philosopher

The only way to solve your problem is to seek advice and recommendations from someone who is qualified and experienced in identifying and correcting the cause of pain and other conditions. Learn more

Chiropractic History

Learn where Chiropractic originated and how it has evolved into the largest drugless health profession in the world.  From the very first patient who recovered from deafness to the millions of people who enjoy the many benefits of Chiropractic care, read more here. Learn more

Omega 3

Most manufacturers provide substandard quality Omega-3 supplements and oils from suppliers that have little interest in eco-sustainability. 

The BodyWell Group sources Omega-3 from sustainable sources and provides triple distilled pharmaceutical grade oil, making it the purest form available in the UK today. Learn more

Interactive Spine Chart

Click on the numbers to learn about how missaligned vertebrae can affect your body's functions.

When a spinal vertebrae shifts out of alignment, it may put damaging pressure on the spinal nerves causing interruption to the vital nerve flow within your body. Learn more

State of the Art Technology

The Imaging Difference for Superior Patient Care

Part of the unique experience you will enjoy when visiting the BodyWell Group is the use of State of the Art Technology to identify the cause of your pain and/or problem with precision and accuracy. Learn more