Root Cause Of Disease

By Christian Farthing.

Please ask yourself the following questions to help you understand why most people waste both time and money seeking advice and treatment from other health providers:

1. How does that tablet know where to go?

2. Does medication, therapy or surgery really address the cause of my problem?

The answer is No. 

So why do so many people try these options?

These and many more questions are now becoming more common as people start to question the integrity of their GP and motives of the pharmaceutical industry.  Then become more disillusioned when other treatments provide little to no relief, and do not provide any lasting result.

More people suffer from aches and pains, conditions and diseases and have resolved to just living with it, or taking medication to live with the pain or wasting money on treatments that do not provide any lasting solution.

The question is: Why do we get these problems occur in the first place?

There are three major causes of disease, which are physical, mental and chemical stress.  Every day, most people are exposed to some kid of stress, whether it is through toxins, stress, and trauma. 

Some of these are out of our control, but the most common conditions are as a result of the assault of lack of movement, lack of nutrients, and mini traumas that occur in daily life for so many people.  

To see what the effects stress has on your spine and nervous system, click here to see our Interact Spine Chart.

Physical Stress

This relates to trauma.  There are two kinds of trauma; macrotrauma, like slips and falls, and microtrauma, like repetitive motion or long periods of time in poor position like slouching. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has estimated that after the age of 5, a person will have suffered over 100,000 traumas in their life.  This is why it is recommended that children have routine check-ups by a Chiropractor, someone who specialises in the health of your spine, to ensure your child grows up to be healthy and strong.

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Workshops include:

•  Overcoming Physical Stress
•  Preventing Arthritis
•  Building Strong Bones
•  Raising Your Child Drug Free
•  Solving Posture Problems

Chemical Stress

This kind of stress occurs silently and doesn’t necessarily occur as a sole event like a physical injury/stress/trauma.

Chemical Stress refers to the toxins in the food we eat, the materials we use, and the air we breathe.  When our body houses toxins, it surrounds them in fat for protection.  Getting rid of these toxins will help in metabolism, fat burning, and healing. 

Long term low grade exposure to toxins is a major cause of chronic illness in society today.  Most of which, if given the right advice and guidance, can be avoided.

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To learn more about our chemical stress related workshops, click here to see our Workshops.

Workshops include:

•  Overcoming Chemical Stress
•  Rocket Fuel Nutrition
•  Weight Loss & Understanding Chemical Stress

Emotional Stress

Mental pressure and stress, emotional stress is all known as “Stress”.

In today’s society, this kind of stress is almost unavoidable.  However, how our bodies deal with that stress depends on how we ultimately cope with it.

It all comes down to how we take care of ourselves.  The major stress organs in the body are called the adrenal glands.  They are important in the ability of your body’s to cope with the amount of stress you undergo each day.

If they become fatigued, it will affect your hormone levels and consequently, your energy levels.

BodyWell Group has specific diagnostic testing to measure your body’s ability to adapt to stress.  Read more about the Digital Nerve Scanning Technology here.

To find out more about how emotional stress can effect you, click here for a Free Spine & Health Check.

To learn more about our emotional stress related workshops, click here to see our Workshops.

Workshops include:

•  Overcoming Emotional Stress
•  The Secrets Your Doctor Does Not Want You To Know About Emotional Health
•  Beating Depression
•  Solutions to Stress


Each of these areas of your health will be evaluated by our Doctors of Chiropractic and Specialists on your first visit.  Depending on what area you need in help in, a specific programme of care will be tailored to your needs.

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