Our Process to Help You

We want resolve your problem as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please read the following to get the achieve the most out your visit with BodyWell:

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Your Consultation "Discovery"

Your first visit will focus on addressing the root cause of your problem. You will be seen by the Chiropractor Tracy Harley or our Spinal Health Specialist Mr. ChristianWhether your symptoms are severe, mild or non-existent, we must first determine if you have subluxation in your spine, which can cause compression, tension and irritation to your Central Nervous System.

Your Examination "What is Wrong"

All tests are completed to determine the cause of your problem. If further testing is required, BodyWell is the only Centre in Kent to have full digital x-ray and nerve scan technology on-site. For a Free Spine and Health Check, book spine and health check.

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Your Results "Solution"

We will provide you with a very clear explanation, advice and recommendations that will focus on providing you with a solution:
Can we help you?  How long will it take?  How much will it cost?
Following your consultation, your regular visit fee is £44.

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Preventative "Advice"

We want you to get well as quickly as possible and prevent your problem from recurring. You will have access to many helpful resources to support your futue health ranging from wellness seminars and workshops, extensive literature, research and a supportive clinical team.