Health Care for Children

Optimal Paediatric & Child Development are fundamental for your child’s future well-being.

When a child grows, their formative years are some of the most important years they will have to develop and grow into a healthy teenager and adult.  You only get one chance to do this well, what about now?

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree… Therefore, it makes sense to have your child checked now to prevent problems in the future. 

Children and babies have spines too – an often overlooked concept that many parents do not realise. Chiropractic care for children and babies is very safe and effective. The birthing process is one of the most traumatic events in our lives and spinal dysfunctions, which may arise through the birth process, often go neglected for a long time.

Even if you had a textbook birth from a mother who took care of herself during pregnancy, OSHA states that the average person suffers 100,000 traumas in their life before the age of 5.  Some of these traumas may not be as severe as others, but that many can add up to health concerns later in life.

Difficult birth, bumps and falls from learning to crawl and walk (and off the changing table and bed!) can all cause the small bones of the spine to move out of their correct position. This is called Vertebral Subluxation. In a small spine, subluxation causes irritation and compromised function and can affect a child’s health in many ways from digestion, colic, or even cognitive development.

The team of Principled Chiropractors and Wellness Specialists at BodyWell believe it is fundamental to address problems early (“nip them in the bud”) and engage your child into wellness habits to prevent unnecessary sickness and suffering in the future. 

Therefore the BodyWell Group have facilities to cater for babies and children, including full baby-changing facilities and a dedicated Jungle Room for them to play in whilst waiting for their appointment – with table and chairs, puzzles, crayons and plenty of soft toys.  Kids love it so much that they don’t want go home!

How Can My Child Benefit From Chiropractic? 

The Principled Chiropractor and Specialists at BodyWell provide a specific action plan to help your child.  From improving concentration and behaviour, achieving better school grades and looking to creating a happy and healthy child with optimal physical development, Chiropractic is the first choice for many parents. 

Parents routinely have their children checked at BodyWell. Not necessarily for a condition, but to make sure they grow up to be as healthy and happy as possible. Read more

Why Should My Child See a Chiropractor?

Commonly parents bring their children to the BodyWell Group to see our Principled Chiropractors because their child is always sick, have a weakened immune system, have regular ear infections, suffer with asthma, ADHD, ADD or ODD, behavioural problems or they are suffering what some doctors call growing painsRead more

Spinal problems, subluxations, which cause nerve interference and poor nerve supply in your child’s body.  If left undetected and uncorrected, subluxation can lead to all kinds of problems.  With a chiropractic check-up to identify the exact location of the misalignment and cause of the pain, children recover very quickly and parents are amazed by the difference. Read more

Would You Like Your Children to Be Superior? 

Look at what the research says when comparing children under medical care versus Chiropractic care. Read more