Healthy Living Workshops And SeminarsHealthy Living Workshops
and Seminars

…to help you live pain free and achieve optimal health 

Our purpose is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and families in our community to live and take responsibility to live to their highest health potential naturally. 

The BodyWell Workshops & Seminar Series are provided by Doctors Committed to Education to equip individuals and families in our community with leading strategies for wellness to live an abundantly health life.

The information you will receive at BodyWell Workshops is not readily available from your local medical doctor or specialist.

The BodyWell Group is committed to providing this information to help you create new healthy habits for daily life.

Please do not confuse these talks with anything you have seen or experienced before.  The BodyWell workshops are professionally organised with speakers who are experts in their field.  It is our priority to filter and deliver the most up-to-date information in a simple way where you can start making changes and improvements in your health and life immediately.

peter lawson

Peter Lawson, Age 46

IT Consultant, Whitstable

 “I was a sceptic and now a raving fan of the BodyWell Workshops.  I attended all the iSeries and have lost 3 stone in weight, sleep through the night, have a better relationship with my kids and most importantly, have started playing golf again!”


katelyn owen

Katelyn Owen, Age 38

Teacher, Whitstable

“I have been to about 15 talks now and every one of them brings new and fresh information to the forefront of my mind so I can actively implement effective strategies that have dramatically improved my life.”

Our Doctors believe in teaching and inspiring you to create the life you want and deserve. 
They have one objective:

“Help you get more out of life”


Where: BodyWell Group Main Office, Blean. Canterbury CT2 9EB

When: Tuesday evening at 6pm

Seats available: Limited to first 60 registrants

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Fee: £25*

*Registration fee is FREE for all BodyWell Members.

Get Access to Membership Now for Free (normally £20).

Reserve a seat by phone call or online.  We recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

graham sinclair

Graham Sinclair, Age 64

Manager, Canterbury

“I was so impressed that I took my whole family, even the grumpy teenagers, and even they admitted to learning some key action steps to improve their concentration and energy levels.  We always enjoy Dr. Christian’s workshops.”


Revolutionary discoveries in the sciences of Genetics, Lifestyle & the Cause of Illness…will improve your health, wellbeing, save lives & will save you money.

Corporate Talks

BodyWell Health & Performance

…for your Company, Group, Organization or Sports Team

  • Is your team productive in their work?
  • Do your employees have 100% attendance?
  • Are your staff your greatest fan club?
  • Is your team healthy and full of energy?
  • Do your employees have a “can do” attitude?

When you create a healthier, more vibrant organisation, it will return in the form of greater productivity. Our Doctors’ desired goal is to initiate a shift in the mindset, regarding your team’s health, from passive & reactive to proactive and involved.

Your employees will be given the tools to not only take responsibility for their health, but also create victories in their pursuit of a better life. Let Waddell Wellness start a ‘wellness revolution’ in your company, no matter how big or small. 

The topic, format and length of the presentation can be custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies and teams, these presentations encourage, educate and inspire your employees to be more focused and energetic, increasing their work effectiveness and efficiency. 

Learn more about Corporate Wellness Screenings and how BodyWell can reduce injury, sick day submission and increase work productivity.

daniel loomes

Daniel Loomes

PLC Company, London

“Dr. Christian helped our employees refocus and provided them with valuable strategies to eliminate any pain and increase their energy up to 300%!”

alison jeffers

Alison Jeffers

Human Resources, France

“We were so impressed by the content, level of expertise and inspiration provided we are invited Dr. Christian and the BodyWell team back for more!”


james houseman

James Houseman

Logistics, UK

“BodyWell presented us with new and fresh information that helped my team become more effective in their workload, in addition to teaching them ways to get well and stay well.”


anne rozen

Anne Rozen, Team Leader

Fitness & Leisure Centre, Ireland 

“We will always be grateful for Dr. Christian’s valuable teachings. We are looking forward to him returning.”




Community Talks & Lecture Series

Healthy Living Workshops & Seminars

BodyWell Health & Performance
…to help your Charity, Church Group or Education

  • Would your organization like to have a guest speaker?

  • Does your Church have guest sermons?

  • Is your charity seeking a guest speaker to help raise money for your cause?

  • Are you part of an education group who is interested in learning?

  • Do you have a group who needs help and advice?

Dr. Christian and Dr. Tracy Harley are wellness experts committed to educating individuals, families and organizations in Canterbury, UK and internationally about achieving optimal health and performance.

As Doctor’s Committed to Education (DCE), Dr. Christian and Dr. Tracy provide a free service for any organisation that is for non-profit.  If you still choose to pay for services provided by the BodyWell Doctors, we simply ask you donate the fee to your charity of choice. 

The workshops are run in a seminar style and last 30-45 minutes with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Whether you are part of U3A, WI or any other community group, simply call or contact us online to reserve one of our Doctors to speak.  We have limited availability for 2013 and are currently reserving spaces for 2014-15.