Physiology in 60 Seconds

Your Central Nervous System controls and coordinates every function in your body and therefore controls your entire health. If the nerve signals from your brain to your body are not working properly, then your body functions are compromised.

For example, if a person breaks their neck, all function below the neck is lost. All life force runs through your spinal cord. To achieve optimal health you need to have 100% nerve function.

Simplifying Complex Body Physiology

Your fuse box is the source of power for your entire house. Nothing will work properly unless the wiring and electrics work properly. It requires a specialist in electricity to detect and correct the cause of any fault.

If the lights went out in your house, would you run to B&Q and purchase new light bulbs or would it make better sense to check your fuse box first?

The fuse box of course. Your spine is much like your fuse box because the nerves act as the electrical power source to control your entire body and health. Interfere with your body electrics (nerves) and nothing works properly, resulting in lowered function and predisposing to sickness, pain and disease.

It requires a specialist to detect and correct the cause of the problem. Therefore, when it comes to your health, it always makes sense to have your spine and nervous system checked by a Principled Chiropractor first.

Whilst other health professionals will treat the effects (light bulbs), Principled Chiropractors always seek to identify the cause of your problem. That is why chiropractic care is very effective and works 100% of the time because it goes to the source of the problem.

In contrast, do you think taking medication treats the cause or effect? Whilst some people need to take medication to keep alive, medication simply masks symptoms, making you feel better (temporarily), but never corrects the cause.

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