Albert Kingston, Aged 72

Folkestone, 3 February 2013

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It was many years ago, nearly forty actually, that the aches and pains in my knees, back and hips were first investigated. I had a bale of hay weighing 80-90lbs fall off a stack landing across my head and shoulders when I was about 22, which I received injuries requiring heat and massage treatment.

This could have been the start of my physical problems. I’ve always driven tractors on my father’s farm, and then owned my own plant hire company including JCB’s and hydraulic machinery which made for a ‘pretty rough ride’. The years went by and I was told that I had to live with the pain with only the help of pain killers.

I’ve had ultrasound treatment, injections in the knees, arthroscopic procedures, pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills from orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologist specialists, physiotherapy classes and been treated by a physiotherapist. All these people and they had no idea where the problem was stemming from. The physiotherapist, I must say, came up with the conclusion that my problems stemmed from the lumbar region in my spine. She was obviously getting very close to diagnosing subluxation; How right she was!

I received a leaflet through my letter box from the BodyWell Group for a spine and health check. Not getting sleep and feeling fed up, I read the flyer that I picked up on my mat and thought, “let’s give it a try”, as all previous investigations didn’t help me. At the time I was also looking after my terminally ill wife, so my physical and mental states were at low ebb. My whole personality changed from being placid, kind and tolerant to aggressive and up tight. Later on I realised that the leaflet was put through my door by another satisfied client at the Centre.

With a certain amount of trepidation, I went along to BodyWell and I was really impressed by the caring attitude of Dr. Christian and his staff. After x-rays, I was diagnosed with 6 major subluxations in my spine, where the vertebrae were out of line consequently pinching on nerves. This did tie up with the physiotherapists report some months earlier. I have also learnt how important correct posture is in preventing this problem happening.

The care I have received is second to none. I’m sleeping better, have far less pain (I can’t remember when I last took taking pain killers). So, I’m happy as Dr. Christian’s programme has worked wonderfully.

Dr. Christian also has health workshops on a Wednesday evening, which I try to attend. I’ve learnt an enormous amount about wellness, rocket fuel nutrition and understanding the principles of function and digestion through ‘appropriation, assimilation and elimination’. Dr. Christian also explained in great detail how the vertebrae in the spine being out of alignment compresses nerves that go to all parts of the body, is called subluxation. Having had a major part of my colon removed two years ago I’m convinced if I had met Dr. Christian before and understood his rocket fuel principles the importance of the nervous system, in relation to digestion and health, the operation for diverticulitis would not have been necessary.

In addition to my spinal adjustments, I’m also following the recommended programme of exercises, stretching and breathing. This all makes sense, to help gain good posture, a healthy spine and nervous system and even more importantly, greater mental alertness and a body that functions properly. I have learnt new things like ‘innate intelligence’ and understanding that the body has an ability to heal itself. But most of all, I have had a positive attitude to the whole programme.

The programme of wellness including spinal adjustments, deep tissue massage and all the other things I have learnt has definitely helped me become a more positive person. It has also helped me to overcome the stresses that I have had, looking after a terminally ill wife who was given only a few months to live in August 2006. This was very stressful, especially after five years of breast cancer, being wrongly diagnosed and given the ‘all clear’ in 2000.

I always thought that physically, even though I’m now 72, that I was pretty fit. But of course, I have learnt that does not mean optimal health and wellness. Wellness is, what Dr. Christian has emphasised is the essence of life…constant and never ending improvement.

I have spoken to and referred many people. I am living proof. I was very sceptical at first, but I must say the burning in my knees has vanished. I still experience back pain now and then, but I cannot expect 40 years of problems to disappear in a couple of months.

I would recommend BodyWell to anybody for both physical and mental problems. All the staff in the centre are so kind and warm in their greeting and dealing with the patients. I am extremely grateful to have been made aware of the BodyWell Group with the leaflet that day, and so glad that I made the step of pushing myself to get a spine and subluxation check-up.

Well done to Dr. Christian and his team! I am 72 and now beginning to feel like a teenager again.