Anne Harris, Aged 63

Faversham, 3 February 2013

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Over the years I have suffered varying degrees of back, knee, and neck pain, and more recently, pins and needles in my hands and fingers during the night. Thirty three years (and ten days) teaching infants has no doubt contributed to that, with all the bending and heavy lifting it has entailed.

At school I had fallen on to my left knee from quite a height, in addition to a supposedly free-standing bookcase toppling over onto my foot (causing me to limp for weeks) and having to lift and carry furniture and stock around at school.

As a result of these niggling injuries I have visited my GP regularly, my dentist (as my GP thought that my neck and shoulder pain could be caused by a dental problem), osteopaths, a reflexologist and a herbalist. I have also had Physiotherapy both on the National Health and privately. I have even had x-rays, traction and counselling!

Last year I was only able to climb stairs one step at a time, whilst hanging onto the banister. I could not walk far without pain and I suffered with restless and painful legs most of the time. I could never sit still! I was diagnosed by my GP as having Arthritis in my knees (due to my age…) and was sent home with anti-inflammatory tablets and pain-killers! If things did not improve I was looking at keyhole surgery to clean out the knee joint followed by a knee replacement when I could no longer walk!

I accepted this diagnosis as it mirrored my mother’s experiences exactly. She could hardly walk and was in her eighties when she had to have both her knees replaced (one at a time)!

When my husband Brian suffered his devastating/debilitating neck problem we were so desperate for help having been totally let down by the NHS and the Private Sector.

I had read about Dr. Christian and the BodyWell Centre in the press and decided that we had to make an appointment.

Thank God we did! As well as Brian, I had my spine checked too and was told that I had subluxation in my spine – a term I had never heard before, and that it was a misalignment of my vertebrae that was causing nerve interference and the pains in my neck, back and legs. My x-rays showed that my hips were not level so I was putting more weight on one leg than the other and the natural “C” curve in the neck was non-existent!

Dr. Christian suggested regular spinal adjustments, neck exercises and a special pillow to sleep on.

I have just had a re-examination. My balance is much better, I no longer have arthritic pain in my knees and can climb stairs without discomfort. I can now walk much further without looking for escalators and lifts, (we are members of the National Trust and love to visit their properties) and the “C” curve in my neck is looking more normal! I have not experienced a “dead arm” or pins and needles in my hands since getting adjustments and sleeping on my special pillow!

I am very grateful to Dr. Christian for his brilliant wellness care programme, for his enthusiasm, his extensive knowledge and for his teaching expertise. I have learned so much about care of the spine, nutrition and exercise as well as the hazards of indiscriminate drug taking.

Visiting the BodyWell Group for our adjustments is very much part of our lives now, as is our nutrition and exercise routine. It is a very welcoming environment and Dr. Christian’s Clinical Assistants are most professional in every way!

Chiropractic seems so obviously necessary to us now and we recommend the BodyWell Group to all our neighbours and friends as we feel that they should have, at least, the opportunity to make an informed choice about their future health.