Jenny Brown, Aged 56

Maidstone, 3 February 2013

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A sunny Sunday in March 2004 is clearly etched in my memory. I wandered around Wyevale Garden Centre seeking retail therapy and buying plants that would require less maintenance as my increasingly “creaky back” was restricting my gardening, only to be expected as you get older – or so I thought.

I went for that essential cuppa and noticed there was a Spinal Screening being held, so I glanced at a spinal screening checklist. Prompted by my friend, I could answer “yes” to many of the questions. I met Dr. Christian. It was a meeting that changed my life. I discovered BodyWell.

Following a full screening I found out that the slips, falls, bumps and accidents over the years had taken their toll and I had 8 subluxations in my spine in Phase 2-3 and a weight difference of 24½ pounds! No wonder one shoulder was lower than the other and getting worse. My doctor had noted that I had a curvature of the spine in 1993 and dismissed it as “one of those things”. Dr. Christian promised no miracles, but said he thought he could stop it getting any worse. What impressed me most was Dr. Christian’s emphasis on treating the cause and not the symptoms and so I started my adjustment programme. I must have been impressed because I left home at 6:30 in the morning to fit my visit to the Centre before work! The quiet confidence and support from Dr. Christian and the staff saw me through the difficult times. I had a whole new regime which involved giving my health high priority.

Just as the subluxations had crept up on me, so did the improvements; I could do gardening without too much discomfort; I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had any sinus infections or hay fever and by August 2004 the painkillers were gathering dust. Friends and colleagues commented on my wellness – “you’ve got so much energy”. Thought provoking health workshops challenged the habits of a lifetime, and made sense. By April 2005 I was taking no drugs, had lost 1½ stone in weight, felt ten years younger and now only needed to get up really early once a week.

Another year on, I rarely suffered spinal discomfort, and my re-examination in April 2006 showed positive changes in my spine with some of the spaces between the vertebrae opening up. There was still work to be done but I felt great! Then at the end of April I slipped and had a bad fall, was admitted to hospital and underwent knee surgery.

Once home, I contacted BodyWell to let them know how I was doing, assuring Dr. Christian I had been really careful about my posture in hospital, sitting up straight etc, but he was concerned about the effect of my altered gait on my spine; sure enough only days later I was experiencing back pain. I knew I needed to get to BodyWell to get the adjustments I needed. Wonderful friends drove me to the centre and my body started to heal and recover.

Health care experiences have been mixed, with one doctor telling me my back was irrelevant and a nurse saying how fantastic it was that the BodyWell Group focuses on the whole person! I have been able to talk to hydro and physiotherapists, consult with Dr. Christian and James and everyone has worked together. I have learned to walk properly again – I’ve not quite managed the stairs yet! Dr. Christian has also helped me understand the mechanics of the knee joint so that I could understand the jargon and feel confident at my hospital appointments.

The whole team here at BodyWell have been patient, encouraging, supportive and caring during the six months I have been off work. They have made a huge contribution to my recovery. I am convinced that without the care and adjustments I have received at BodyWell, I would be in a sorry state now and not starting back to work.

Not all things can be measured scientifically. It is thanks to the dedication, expertise, love, laughter and care at BodyWell that I was back at Wyevale Garden Centre last week and yes, I did buy some plants and had that essential cuppa (fruit flavoured this time!).