Norman Homewood, Aged 66

Sheldwich, 10 January 2013

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I have been having wellness chiropractic with Dr Christian for over 2 years and wow! After my initial consultation, I was still very skeptical about how this would work, despite the fact I had seen the huge improvement in my wife, Pauline.

I was also diagnosed with six subluxations; 4 chronic and 2 acute. I was suffering from bad headaches and was taking at least 6 painkillers a day, four times per week! My whole body ached by the end of my 12 hour shifts. Some experts would say it was arthritis and rheumatism because I was getting older.

The plan was to begin me on a consistent and regular schedule which, in time, would improve my subluxations and my health. Well, after just a few adjustments, my health improved considerably; I no longer required any painkillers as my headaches had completely stopped. I also used to suffer with frequent colds and since attending BodyWell, I have not had any illnesses!

I enjoy following the Rocket Fuel Nutrition principles that I was taught at Dr. Christian Wellness Workshops.

Who would believe that having a subluxated spine could make you so ill?! But it makes such sense that if your spine is out of alignment, your central nervous system (the Master system) will not be able to function efficiently.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr Christian and his staff for giving me back my life.