Teunis & Hermine Rijkse

Sandwich, 6 February 2013

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We had never been to a Chiropractor or the BodyWell Group before. But when we received a health announcement through our letterbox, we booked an appointment in Canterbury immediately. I had suffered with frozen shoulder for 15 years, tiredness and poor posture and my husband suffered with tinnitus and sleeping problems.

We are both from Holland and moved to Wales 24 years ago. 15 years ago, then living in Wales, we had a very busy life farming sheep, milking goats, making cheese and building a new house (by ourselves!). One day my shoulder became very painful and I couldn’t move it at all.

The medical doctor told me that it was a frozen shoulder, gave me painkillers and sent me for Physiotherapy twice a week. I did that for 18 months and it didn’t help at all. I also went twice to the hospital where they gave me cortisone injections and performed manipulation under anaesthetic (which I have learnt is VERY dangerous!) However, it didn’t help either. I was in more pain than before. There was nothing else that they could do for me.

Over the years I became a little bit better, but my back was not straight, my posture had deteriorated and my shoulder blade was sticking out.

18 months ago we moved from Wales to Sandwich in Kent. So when we received a notice through our letter box from the BodyWell group offering a free spine and health check in Blean just outside Canterbury, we phoned straight away for an appointment.

We had a detailed assessment and x-rays. The results were a shock! I had 9 subluxations and Teunis had 6. We started Chiropractic care with adjustments and after a couple of weeks I was feeling much less tired, stronger in my lower back, and less pain in my shoulders - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I enjoy feeling the positive changes in my body. Teunis has had problems with sleeping for years, because of noise in his ears (head) known as ‘tinnitis’. He had MRI scans twice. They couldn’t find anything wrong. But when you have sleepless nights it makes your life difficult. After the spine and health check Teunis started with his adjustment programme and after a couple of weeks, the noise was gone and the nights were no longer a nightmare. We couldn’t believe the difference. We love the adjustments and massage and want to carry on to make sure we are even healthier in the future.

Teunis has also had hip problems but with attentive Chiropractic care, it has also been resolved. So we want to thank Dr. Christian, Dr. Tracy, and all the staff, THEY ARE GREAT!!!

We hope more people go for a check up like we did and feel so much better like we do now.

Now if only we could find a Dr. Christian and his team in Holland for all our family and friends so that they also benefit from principled chiropractic and start getting adjusted and achieve better health and a great life.